1. Anti Alcohol Drug Youth Coalition Team (AADYCT)

We are a fun group that goes around the community talking to teenagers about the dangers of using Alcohol or Drugs before the age of 21. We participate in local events doing surveys to adults and teens. We go to field trips around the state to tell people what goes on in the community as well as explaining the dangers of using any substance at a young age.

You are invited to join us and help fight the use of substance abuse in this community.

Contact: Sonia Sánchez | (520) 313-8111


2. Santa Cruz County LDRSHIP Coalition

Its mission is to empower Santa Cruz County’s communities to live a drug-free lifestyle by providing substance abuse prevention education, establishing support to local government agencies, and empower parents and youth for success. Our mission will create a safe environment which promotes equality, healthy lifestyles, and communication between communities.

Contact: Sonia Sánchez | (520) 313-8111
To learn more visit the Facebook page


3. All Stars Program

Developed to prevent negative behaviors and build positive futures.


  1. Promote positive futures, ideals, and norms.
  1. Build idealism and pro-social values.
  1. Develop decision-making skills.
  1. Reinforce appropriate beliefs about consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  1. Practice goal setting.
  1. Teach stress management.

Contact: Ana Karen López | (520) 223-3473